Course Procedures and Policies

Marking and Tests


Once we receive your Course Journal, it takes a minimum of five working days to mark your work, record the results, and return your Journal back to you. Time in the mail will vary. If you submit online, the mailing time is eliminated.

When your Course Journal is returned to you, it will contain instructions from the teacher on how to improve your work.

You must pass a unit before you can continue to the next unit. If you did not get a passing mark, you will be asked to redo the work and submit it again. If you do not receive a passing mark on the second attempt, the teacher will recommend a transfer to a more suitable course.

Important: Always record the date on which you submit a unit of work. You should also make a copy of your work to keep. ILC is not responsible for work lost in the mail. Work not received by ILC must be re-submitted.


Before you submit any work to the ILC, make sure that you have saved the original files. In the event that you feel your work needs to be re-marked, you will need those files. It will be your responsibility to print them out and mail them in to the ILC, or to attach them to an email to the ILC.

You can request an appeal in two situations:

  1. If you notice an error (i.e., marks are added up incorrectly) in your marked work.
  2. If you disagree with the mark you’ve received from a teacher on an entire unit.


1. Marking Errors

If you find an error in your marked work, submit a written request to have the assessment reviewed. Include the following information: the course name, unit number, key question or assessment task, and the reason that you feel an error has been made. Attach a copy of the marked work to be reviewed. Send your request to (Attention: Mark Error).

2. Unit Appeal

If you don't agree with your unit mark, you can appeal it. However, you should be aware that our teachers are trained to follow a standardized evaluation process; as a result, the number of appeals accepted by the ILC is quite small. If you believe an appeal for a unit mark is necessary, make your request in writing, within 21 days from the date of the assigned mark, and give the specific reason why ILC should consider the request. Upon review, your request will be either denied or approved by the Principal or Vice Principal.

You can either mail your mark appeal request to the ILC, or send an email to (Attention: Unit Appeal). Note: You must attach your original course work marked by the teacher. If you’re mailing in your request, include a hard copy of the marked work. If you’re emailing your request, attach a scanned copy of the marked work.

Note: The appeal mark may be higher or lower than the original mark. Regardless of which it is, this mark will be recorded as the final mark for the unit in the student record.


In order to receive your credit, you must successfully complete all units of work and then write and pass the final test. If you are not successful on your first attempt, you can try a second test.

Test locations

We will send you all the necessary information about your test after your mark for the final unit in the course has been recorded. If you live in Toronto, you will write your final test at the ILC’s office. Test sessions are held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at 1:30 pm and Monday evenings at 7:00 pm.

Please note after three test appointment cancellations at ILC, students must pay a cancellation fee of $50.00. The cancellation fee must be paid by credit card, money order, certified cheque or cash. If you are paying by certified cheque or money order, make it payable to TVO. Please note that personal cheques will not be accepted.

If you live outside of Toronto, you will write your final test in your local area with an ILC test supervisor.

Tests when submitting course work online

Test arrangements are the same for students submitting online and for students using the Course Journal booklet. The only difference is that your final test mark and teacher's comments on your test will be sent to you online rather than the Course Journal booklet.