Course Procedures and Policies

Completing and Submitting Work

The following suggestions may help avoid delays and reduce the time needed to complete the course.

Save Time Submitting Work

ILC needs a minimum of five working days to mark work submitted, record the results, and return it. This is in addition to the time taken in the mail. There are two ways to reduce the time needed to send and receive work:

  • The best way to save time is to submit course work online and receive it once it is evaluated. This completely eliminates time in the mail.
  • Instead of mailing work to ILC, send it via courier or submit it in person at our front counter. (Note: Students cannot pick up marked units at the front counter. They are automatically returned by mail.)

Do Not Submit Incomplete Work

  • You must answer all Key Questions. Once a unit has been marked, you cannot submit extra work. A complete unit usually contains five lessons.
  • You cannot submit multiple units to ILC.

Planning for Unit 2 and Test Taking

When planning course time frame, consider the following:

  • Students will have access to materials for Units 2 and higher in the course only after a mark for Unit 1 is recorded.
  • Final tests can only be written when all the units have been marked, and the Course Journal has been returned. Students must keep all unit work until they write and pass the final test.