Course Procedure and Policies

Course Materials and My ILC

  • After you enrol, you will receive all the instructions and materials needed to start a course.
  • You will receive information on how to access the "My ILC" section of In "My ILC" you can view your student records, access digital components of your course, and submit your course work online.
  • Course content is delivered through
    • My ILC
    • PDF
    • Printed courses available on demand
  • Course materials include readings, practice exercises, assignments and (depending on the course) other resources such as books, software and web-based practice tutorials.

Course Journal and Online Submission

At the end of each unit, you submit your Journal to ILC. You can send your work two ways: online or by mail. Work must be sent online if your course is identified as an online course in our e-Guide. Please check the e-Guide before submitting your work for marking. Your teachers evaluate your work and make helpful comments. Your Journal is then returned to you.

Course Instructions

Instructions on completing the course, and submitting online are included in the lesson material you receive.

Returning Materials

Once you have finished or discontinued a course, returnable items (marked with a "Y" on your Package Form) must be sent by mail directly to:

RR Donnelley
1100 Thornton Road, South
Oshawa, ON L1J 7E2