Common Requests

Request Written Assessment of Diploma Requirements

Send the following to the ILC:

  • your written request for the assessment
  • your official original Ontario Student Transcript, if you attended secondary school in Ontario
  • all your official, original academic and training records, including the official date you withdrew from daytime attendance at a secondary school (if you left and returned, we also need those dates)

You may request an assessment if you:

  • have completed at least one full credit with the ILC
  • are 18 years of age or older
  • have not attended a dayschool for at least one year
  • want the ILC to issue your diploma

About the documentation required:

  • To avoid delays, obtain your records and have them ready to send with your request for an assessment.
  • Academic records in Ontario are usually available from the secondary school you last attended.
  • All records you submit must be originals, with an original seal or stamp and signature. Photocopies will only be accepted if signed by a Notary Public, confirming that the originals were official documents.
  • If you attended school outside Canada and your educational records are in a language other than English or French, they must be accompanied by translations done by a member of the Association of Translators of Ontario or a consulate of the country of origin, with a letter from the person who did the translation.