Special Considerations and Accommodations

Some students have special needs that require supports beyond those ordinarily received in the school setting. To ensure the required accommodations are in place for the final test, please read and follow this information carefully.

Available ILC Support:

  • Accommodations are for Final Tests only
  • Modifications of course expectations cannot be made at the ILC because of the manner in which distance education courses are delivered and in order to safeguard the integrity of the courses
  • Review and follow the process outlined below to access accommodations

How to Access Final Test Accommodations:

  • Requests for accommodations, including supporting documentation, must be mailed/emailed/faxed to the attention of “ILC Guidance Counsellor”
  • (See Documentation Requirements information below)
  • Requests for accommodations, including supporting documentation, must be submitted before the submission of the final unit of course work to ensure accommodations are available for the Final Test
  • Guidance will review requests and supporting documentation and provide students with a confirmation email and enter the accommodations into the student’s file
  • When the Final Test is booked an ILC Learner Advisor will send an official accommodation letter to the student and the Test Supervisor

Possible Accommodations for ILC Final Tests:

  • extra time to write the final test (up to 50% more time/1 hour)
  • administering tests individually in a separate quiet room
  • periodic-stop the clock supervised breaks as needed
  • prompts to return student’s attention to the task
  • clarification of instructions and/or questions
  • use of the ILC computer only at the ILC Test Centre at 2180 Yonge Street, Toronto
  • a reader/scribe provided by the student in lieu of computer/software options
  • (Students will be sent additional documentation to be completed before final approval)
  • a one page preapproved study/definitions/formula sheet

(Students will be sent additional documentation to be completed before final approval)

Documentation Requirements:

1. Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Psycho-Educational Report

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and/or Psycho-Educational Report written by an Ontario School Board are written plans which outline the accommodations available to the student to support learning.

The ILC is prepared to provide accommodations upon the receipt of an IEP and/or Psycho-Educational report written within the last 5 years.

2. Students without an IEP or Psycho-Educational Report

If you do not have an IEP or Psycho-Educational Report but wish to request accommodations, you must support your request with documentation related to your learning/medical needs from a qualified professional, who is not a relative, and who has expertise in diagnosing the condition(s) related to the accommodation(s) you are requesting.

A qualified professional may be:

  • a medical doctor or qualified psychologist
  • an administrator of a school, college or university

The documentation must include:

  • the qualified professional’s contact information and be dated and printed on official letterhead
  • a detailed description of the learning/medical needs requiring special considerations
  • the required accommodation(s)
  • timelines for rehabilitation and recovery for temporary conditions

The ILC is prepared to provide the accommodations upon the receipt of this required documentation written within the last 2 years.

If you have further questions, please contact our guidance counsellor by calling the Student Inquiry Line at 416.484.2704 or 1.800.387.5512, or send an email to